8h-8h30: pick up at hotel
9h15: Arrival Long Phu pier for a boat trip of 2 islands on Nha Phu Bay.
On the way, beholding Nha Phu Bay scenery, one of four beautiful Bys in Khanh Hoa province with islets such as Sam island, Thi island,…where you can learn how to catch & raise fishes of the local people
Orchid Island
Visit Orchid Roand with hundreds of colorful orchid flowers.
Contact with African Ostriches and Deers on the island.
Enjoy animal show of Bear and Elephant.
Behold Nghinh Xuan and Thuy Tien lake.
Participate in Ostrich riding, play a role as a brave soldier when joining in Paintball game (excluded).
Swim and relax at An Binh beach, join some water sport games: parasailing, jetski,…(excluded).
lunch at Huong Lan restaurant with seafood.
Monkey island
Contact with friendly wild-life monkeys in Hoa Qua Son site.
Behold some picturesque masterpieces such as Garden of Cycus in Dragon shape, Western route, Mermaid…& Park of precious, strange bonsais and bird.
Participate in diving with colour reef& sea creatures (excluded).
Enjoy animal show of Goat, Monkey, Dog.
Join other games: Prokart, Dog racing with special gilfs.
16h00: back to hotel.
Package tour: Adult: 450.000vnd/pax
Children 1m-1m3: 285.000vnd/pax        Children under 1m: free of charge
Including: transport, lunch, tour guide, entrance fee, 1 water of bottle, hut and chair, hat, travel insurance.
Aditional fee:
Ostrich riding: 50.000vnd/round
Siting on elephant's back&trunk: 50.000vnd/pax
Jetsky : 300.000vnd/10 minutes
Single parasailing: 400.000vnd/round    Double parasailing: 700.000vnd/round
F1 racing car: 80.000vnd/4 round
Dog racing : 30.000vnd/ticket
Snorkeling: 100.000vnd/60 minutes
Diving: 300.000vnd/20 minutes